Become the dominant aftermarket truck accessories store in your town, a Cap-it Signature store offers flexible options and franchise entry for as little as an $800,000 investment.


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Why invest in a Cap-it franchise?

Some of the many things that come with your investment in a Cap-it partnership include:

What's a Cap-it Signature store franchise?

A Cap-it Signature store is designed to be THE dominant player in a large market, offering more of everything. Signature stores have it all.

Designed with dynamic merchandizing, giant branding images, video screen presentations, man-cave style customer waiting rooms. Hexagonal sales counter with scoreboard style overhead signage and big screen TV’s, black and white checkered epoxy service bay flooring in the shop are but a few of the features that make this an extraordinary store.

Although each Cap-it, no matter what size is designed to give the customer a “WOW” when they first come in the door, in the Signature store there is an overwhelming sense of excitement created through its special features and design as well as giving the customer a feeling of trust and confidence in Cap-it.

The size of the Signature stores can vary from 9000 sq. ft. up to 15,000 sq. ft. Signature stores usually require an initial investment starting at $800Kand can run as high as $1,000.000. This includes everything from the start of the build out to the finish store including a $49K franchise fee and all training fees, equipment, signage, branding and inventories.

The Franchise Agreement is structured on a 5 year renewable term. A minimum of 60% unencumbered equity is required with financing permitted provided the applicant has sufficient collateral.

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Franchise Qualifications
Unencumbered Cash
50% of total investment