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Why invest in a Cap-it franchise?

Some of the many things that come with your investment in a Cap-it partnership include:

The Cap-it Stand-Alone franchise is designed to serve a medium or large size community with the same great Cap-it service and products.

What's a Cap-it Stand-alone franchise?

Cap-it Stand-alone stores are a medium sized stores that offer all Cap-it products.

The size of the facility is generally 6,000 - 8,000 sq ft. and with a staff of 4 to 6 people, three or more service bays and a secure area for canopy storage.

Stand-alone stores are designed for larger communities. Initial set-up costs can begin as low as $560K to $790K. This includes $49K franchisee fee, training fees, inventory, equipment, signage, furniture & fixtures, computers and setup,admin, and initial marketing budget.

Each Stand-alone store is designed to give the customer a WOW at the first step inside. Stand Alone’s have it all, just in a slightly smaller space. Designed for dynamic merchandizing, large branding images, video screen presentations, and man-cave style customer waiting rooms.

The Franchise Agreement offers a 5 years renewable term.

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Franchise Information: 888-456-1965 or

Cap-it Stand-alone
franchise opportunity

Current Stand Alone Markets in Western Canada

British Columbia
Nanamo - Vernon - Prince George - Burnaby

Airdrie - Okotoks - Sherwood Park - Ft. McMurray

Prince Albert - Saskatoon

Winnipeg - Brandon

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